OBIS Linked Open Data

A Knowledge Base Extracted from Ocean Biogeographic Information System Database

What is this?

OBIS-LinkedData is a prototype/demonstration Knowledge Base composed of information extracted from Ocean Biogeographic Information System Database, and is freely available using Semantic Web and Linked Data standards. The knowlege base currently contains over 29 thousand statements (Starting with selected datasets from the Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations (SEAMAP) collection.

IRI Dereferenciations

Using LodView allows to offer W3C standard compliant IRI dereferenciations and to publish RDF data according to all defined standards for Linked Open Data. It furhter offers HTML based representations of RDF resources.


Show me the occurrence named "Sea Turtles at POINT(-106.86 20.89) at 1998-08-21 11:03:03"

Show me the dataset (OBIS resource) "SWFSC Marine Mammal Survey, STAR 1998, Cruise 1612"

Show me the cruise "HLY0503"

Show me the taxon "Chelonia mydas(Linnaeus, 1758)"

Show me the repository (OBIS node) "OBIS-SEAMAP"

SPARQL Endpoint:
Directly query the latest data set

Using Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint queries the knowledge base. The default graph of the knowledge base is